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Get Ahead of the Next Big Conversation

16 Dec
Get Ahead of the Next Big Conversation


Get Ahead of the Next Big Conversation

Presented by Susan Bradley, CFP®, CeFT®

Founder of the Sudden Money Institute and the Financial Transitionist Institute

The big conversations related to the 2020 Pandemic are far from over and we have time to get ahead of the next big one before it happens. Some clients have already reacted to their new realities, others are just waiting it out. Both have big choices and conversations ahead of them.

The disruptions from the Pandemic will continue to ripple, and at times rip, through our norms. We are all in a great transition, moving away from the way life use to be before the pandemic, toward the way it will be post- pandemic. It will take longer than most of us would like, probably much longer, and with more complexities than can be seen from this early vantage point.  

Let’s talk about the realities of Transition Fatigue, how to guide clients away from the regrettable choices they will ultimately not want to live with and towards their best choices, even if they need to be delayed. It all happens within the context of a structured conversation.

There is a fatigue element to transitions that can lead to poor choices and unwelcomed outcomes, on the client level we call it Transition Fatigue. The Pandemic will still be with us for the first half of 2021, clients may be both restless for change and depleted, not a good combination for making their best decisions.

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Wed, December 16, 2020

2:00p - 2:45p EST


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