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Jenevieve J. Lenz, MBA
Jenevieve J. Lenz, MBA
Financial Growth Partners Wealth Management Advisor (571) 375-8040
25 April
Your Money! What Your Future Self Wishes You Knew!


Do you have financial concerns that keep you up at night?
Do you like your financial advisor, but feel like something may be missing?
Have you thought about how to keep more of your hard-earned income and pay less in taxes?

Now is the time to make a change and get the tools and tips you need as the economy opens and many changes loom ahead. Take a step toward your "best financial health" and reserve a spot for this session below. 
What your 60 year old self wishes you knew in your 30s and 40s!   Make the right changes today that will improve your tomorrow.

Items Covered on this next "can;t miss" educational Webinar
  • Are you taking time to learn about tax optimization as you save money?
  • Do you have a financial plan with regular cash flow checkups?
  • What is the status of your income protection?
  • How to mazimize your savings and earn more on cash?

Date and Time

Thu, April 25, 2024

12:00p - 12:30p EST


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